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Lucinda Rowe

Until 1999 Lucinda worked as an IT Manager for a number of organisations including 6 years at an American investment bank in the City of London and 3 years with London Underground. She stopped working in order to have children and since then has taken on a number of roles for charitable organisations such as the Princes Youth Business Trust. Lucinda is also an keen Saxophone player with her own quartet, Liquorice AllSax, for which she arranges much of the music - see Liquorice AllSax.

Stella Turner

For more than 20 years Stella has worked as a financial controller within both large and small companies in Hertfordshire and thus has gained a wealth of experience in book-keeping and payroll as well as in preparing accounts for tax and company reporting purposes. She is also the treasurer for a number of local charities. Stella has organised a number of successful fund-raising and social events within the local community.

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